Hello, I'm Jason. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm Jason Graggs, photographer currently based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. As a Shutterstock Contributor, I believe my role as photographer is to tell a story of an irreplaceable moment in time thru my lens. Whether that story be one of life & love celebrations, branding, architecture or landscape, I am passionate about capturing each of them. In the end the client not only leaves with great pictures, but also leaves having had a great photography experience.  Client relationship is key and I look forward to building the best one with you. Thank you for visiting and I can’t wait for an opportunity to “take your shot”.

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10 Fun Facts...

  1. I’m an only child born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  2. I love to write in my downtime. 

  3. I am a gamer.

  4. I am a shutterstock contributor.

  5. I got my first camera at 5 and I still have it today. It was broken then, and it’s still broken today. Long story!

  6. I love nature shoots.

  7. I hear I have a decent sense of humor. Laughter is good for the soul, and pictures!

  8. I love music. All kinds of music. 

  9. I once was a stage play actor in Houston, Texas. 

  10. I have great love for biking. 

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